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Adirondack Pirate Paddlers is a non-profit club that is open to all paddlers who want to participate in safety conscious, yet fun kayaking adventures in the Adirondacks and beyond.  Any paddler interested in sharing the diverse activities associated with kayaking adventures while having fun with our pirate sense of humor are welcome to join this merry band of pirates.
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Meet: Captain V. Dangerous

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G'day fellow pirates. Do you know your kayak paddle length? Come join us on our many paddling adventures throughout the year to various places to raid, pillage and plunder. The "Pirates"' were formed  in 1999 on Brandt Lake.  Let's continue the spirit of paddling and the love of being in our boats, but most importantly, let's continue the companionship and the friendships that have sustained this merry group of scoundrels.....   

                                                        "ATTENTION,  ALL YE PIRATES!      
                                  The wenches aren't as scary as they look.  Just look closely, 
                                      a true  pirate will see their inner beauty." - Captain V.D.

Meet: 1st Mate, Smelly Ellie

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Hello!  I am the Captain's 1st mate and treasurer of the club.  My husband, the Captain, and I have paddled together for close to 20 years and have enjoyed a variety of trips.  Not just kayaking, but hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and camping.  We've paddled in British Columbia, Newfoundland, Maine, the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Lake Champlain and, of course, the Adirondacks.  We've hiked hut-to-hut in Iceland and have camped in the Adirondacks, Maine, and Newfoundland.  The Captain, of course, has conquered way more trips than I have, but I owe most of the more memorable adventures in my life to my husband.   Come join us as we create new adventures......

Mission of our Club:

Picture to pillage, plunder and paddle the many Adirondack lakes and rivers as we encourage, support and enjoy recreational paddling with our pirate members and guests.  Sharing knowledge, experience, teamwork, and camaraderie are a big part of what this club is about, even after the paddle is over.   
NOTE:   It is up to each paddler to be responsible for himself/herself .  It is recommended that each paddler take personal instruction and/or take kayak classes on safety and rescue, first aid and survival, and wind, waves & weather to understand and get the best result out of  the sport.  The club is not responsible for any paddler.  Club members may lend a hand if they can assist another paddler without jeopardizing themselves, but do not depend on anyone but yourself.  And finally, always come prepared.  A nice sunny day can turn into a bad stormy day.  Watch your weather forecast and use common sense.  AND, always dress for the water temperature, not air temperature.  It's one thing to paddle, hike, the tropics, but in colder climates (like the Adirondacks) you need to be prepared for colder conditions - even in the summer.


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A club is only as great as the members that make up the club.   Over the years, we have met, overall, the best group of people that have become much more than just  members.  We  have found them to be true life-long friends.   Most all our members are very helpful and look after each other.  We are very safety conscious, which is our #1 priority, but we also have a good sense of humor, many stories to tell, songs to sing and blue sponges to throw....we like to keep it fun.  The best part is the surprises you come across, like the time we accidentally found a newborn deer covered in leaves crying to it's mother who came down the hill for her newborn that took it's first steps and followed it's mom into the woods or the time the Captain found a dragon to slay.  Our paddles are mostly  leisurely and we like to explore.  We also have our traditional trips (The Gourmet Paddle, New Years Day Paddle.....) and annual event (Annual Pirate Party).  It's a great club and getting better.  I hope you enjoy the website and maybe you'll want to become a pirate?   Come paddle with us as a guest first to see if you'd like to become a pirate or not; 
                                                                                         but we  think you will.


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